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Welcome to the Bedfordshire Historical Record Society.

  Our latest volume,
no. 91 (2012)

This website enables you to search an index of the contents of all 90 volumes published so far by the BHRS since its inception in 1912.

You can search by entering key words, such as the names of people or places, or topics such as 'church' or 'education', and add the range of years in which you are interested. Click on 'Search' and all the relevant references will come up on the screen, giving you the volume and page number in each instance. If there are any in which you are interested, you can obtain more information about each volume, which will help you to track it down. Many volumes are out of print, but can be obtained from antiquarian or second-hand bookshops, or consulted in libraries and County Record Offices. In addition, volumes still in print can be obtained from a variety of sources.

We intend to begin adding material from some of our volumes which are out of print so that this information can be used by researchers - it's relatively quick and cheap to scan text. We would welcome any suggestions which you care to offer to us for our consideration. Please contact on our blog bedfordshirehistory.blogspot.com